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Dazzling Armchairs That Explore Contrasting Designs From Duistt Collections

One of the strengths of Duistt`s designs is that all furniture is though from concept to design to last over time and not become old-fashioned. As a result, Duistt pieces bring with them a strong versatility through their shapes, materials, and finishes. In other words, the same product can be included in different design lines, whether classic, inspired by midcentury design or even modern contemporary. In this article we list and present some armchairs with different concepts to prove to you that good design, in addition to quality, must be adaptable to different styles of decoration without losing its essence and identity.


Ida Armchair


With a classic style, the Ida armchair is a chair that exudes comfort through its structure entirely upholstered with high quality foam. At the same time, it presents well-crafted details, in its standard version, such as its base in Black Lacquered Sand brushed Oak and details in cast bronze metal. Without a doubt, these details make all the difference and bring charm and a touch of sophistication to the piece. Despite having a classic style, this item can be easily customized and inserted into a project with a different appeal, by changing its fabric, the type of wood on its base and even the bronze details.


Apollo Armchair


With an iron structure that aims for minimalism, but at the same time presents challenge curves, the Apollo armchair combines high levels of comfort and style. Developed through inspiration from the mid-century design style, this piece reaffirms that less is more and is the perfect representation of timeless design. Being able to be customized with different materials and finishes, the Apollo armchair can take on a more luxurious look through a structure with a gold or silver finish or a minimalist structure with a black lacquered structure. But definitely what we cannot deny is that this piece brings an air of elegance to any space aligned with an distinguishing design.


Ginga Armchair 


When we think about bold modern design, we can`t help but think of the Ginga Armchair. A piece inspired by the swaying movement of Brazilian martial art, Capoeira. Which is characterized by a flowing movement from one side to the other. Therefore, the ginga armchair conveys a design defined by its free-flowing, rhythmic and graceful bold style, along with its strong and curvy structure with an open natural wood grain.


Since its foundation in 2014, Duistt has been recognized for its contribution to creating memorable experiences through design. The Portuguese high-end furniture brand breathes history and modernity through objects that are committed to the comfort, quality of materials and a timeless design appeal. Get in contact and learn more. 


Image Credits - Insight Interiors Project and Finchatton Project