Duistt Introduces a Modern Classic Restaurant Project: A Fusion of Timeless Elegance and Contemporary Design

In this Duistt project, fine materials such as wood, marble, and metal take center stage, complemented by the use of natural and indirect lighting. The ceiling features strategically placed light spots, while Chain Pendants near the bar area impart a warm and inviting ambiance. Dark bronze-finished Stardust Sconces adorn the pillars, enhancing the space with an evocative atmosphere.

Uniting different design styles, this project interprets a strong intent and enhances the connection between modern and timeless classic design.

In this setting, Duistt expertly curated a blend of classic and contemporary pieces to create a harmonious atmosphere. Timeless classics like the Wormley Dining Chairs and Julius Bar Stools seamlessly coexist with the modern allure of the Copacabana Bookcase and Ray Dining Table, striking a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

The ground floor underwent a strategic reorganization, with the central placement of the bar seamlessly integrating it between the dining areas of the restaurant. Crafted in an architectural language that echoes the space`s strong aesthetic appeal, the bar counter features natural materials such as wood, travertine, and marble, ensuring its prominence within the overall composition.


The architectural framework and meticulous design curation of this project were crafted to make a lasting impression, elevating Duistt to new heights of luxury. By harmonizing diverse design styles, the project embodies a cohesive vision that bridges the gap between modern and timeless classic design aesthetics, creating a captivating and unified space.


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