Designed by M. Elle Design Studio


A Los Angeles Home Fulfilled With Bold Design and Impressive Curation

Located in Brentwood and designed by studio M. Elle Design, this home features neutral tones and eye-catching designs that certainly will draw the most attention. Do you want to know more? Keep reading the article:


Brentwood is a region in Los Angeles that has many elegant and distinguished residences, but unlike the pattern of that region, the jet set family, when buying this classic house, opted for something that would bring comfort and calm to the environment, as they intended to live there for a long time. Therefore, in the project carried out by studio M. Elle Design, there is a strong presence of neutral tones and natural materials, as a way of bringing timelessness to the interior design.


According to designer Marie Turner Carson from Studio M. Elle Design, in an interview to Architectural Digest magazine, her client wanted the residence to have a fresh, coastal and relaxed feel inside and out, but with a touch of elegance. That`s why throughout the project it is possible to see the blending of classic and contemporary pieces, fitting in perfect harmony.

“ is timeless, inviting and livable...” says the designer Marie Turner Carson

The designers of M. Elle Design studio had a lot of work ahead, since the decoration of the house at the time it was purchased followed the standards of the Brentwood region (with a strong reference to maximalism and strong and bold colors). So, the initial work involved peeling back layers of panelling, wallpaper and paint to create spaces similar to the clients` art galleries. There was also a change from the stereotyped curved handrails to a thinner and minimalist oak one. The team also removed the oak floors and added a new marble floor in the entryway and replaced most of the woodwork throughout the residence to add light and warmth to the spaces.


Marie Turner Carson from M. Elle Design transformed what had been an over-the-top study painted in green lacquer into a refined library and lounge, complete with a bar at one end. Thin steel shelving and a cantilevered steel bar add a modern industrial counterpoint to the traditional oak cabinets and marble countertops.


The most transformative move on the project was tearing down the wall between the kitchen and the formal living room, creating a seamless flow between the two rooms and connecting them to the family room. As Marie Turner Carson told architectural digest magazine, this transformation allowed the spaces to talk to each other, while each one transmits its own personality through an overarching aesthetic.

And speaking of overarching aesthetics, we can`t fail to mention the mean room of the house, the dining room and its botanical theme. While most of the home showcases a soft palette of warm whites and earth tones, the dining room stands out for its bold composition that represents nature. Starting with the asymmetrical bronze oak branch chandelier, the beautiful and colorful wall art by American Charles Gaines and the molded oak chairs that continue the theme through their natural grain pattern reminiscent of tree trunks.


The residence is a truly oasis to the family, according to the designer “it is timeless, inviting and livable. Anyone who walks in is impressed, but you can also seat right away and don`t have to walk on eggshells” Carson tells Architectural Digest magazine.


Perhaps the secret is to understand the power of the right accessory in the right place, as it can activate and add a new layer of dynamism to the environment, without excluding comfort and functionality. The balance is in the details.

Designed by M. Elle Design

Credit Architectural Digest