Designed by M. Elle Design Studio


A Los Angeles Home Fulfilled With Bold Design and Impressive Curation

Nestled in the prestigious Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, this home, designed by studio M. Elle Design, is a captivating blend of neutral tones and captivating designs that promise to captivate any observer. In a region known for its opulent and distinguished residences, the jet-set family who purchased this classic house opted for a different approach, prioritizing comfort and tranquility for their long-term living plans. Studio M. Elle Design embraced this vision by infusing the project with neutral tones and natural materials, creating an interior design that exudes timeless elegance.


According to Marie Turner Carson, the designer from Studio M. Elle Design, in an interview with Architectural Digest magazine, the client`s desire was for the residence to embody a fresh, coastal, and relaxed atmosphere, while still maintaining a touch of sophistication. This desire is reflected in the seamless integration of classic and contemporary pieces throughout the project, resulting in a harmonious and inviting living space.

“ is timeless, inviting and livable...” says the designer Marie Turner Carson

The designers at M. Elle Design Studio faced a significant challenge when tasked with transforming this home in Brentwood. Originally decorated in the maximalist style typical of the region, characterized by bold colors and ornate details, the initial phase of the project involved stripping away layers of paneling, wallpaper, and paint to create spaces reminiscent of the clients` art galleries.


A major focus was on modernizing key architectural elements. This included replacing the curved handrails with sleek, minimalist oak ones, as well as swapping out the oak floors for marble in the entryway to enhance light and warmth throughout the residence. Marie Turner Carson of M. Elle Design oversaw the transformation of an extravagant green lacquer study into a refined library and lounge, complete with sleek steel shelving and a contemporary cantilevered steel bar juxtaposed against traditional oak cabinets and marble countertops.


The most significant change came with the removal of the wall separating the kitchen from the formal living room, allowing for a seamless flow between the spaces and a connection to the family room. According to Carson, this transformation enabled the spaces to communicate with each other, each contributing its own unique personality while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic, as she shared with Architectural Digest magazine.

At the heart of the home lies the dining room, a captivating oasis designed with a botanical theme that adds a vibrant touch to the serene ambiance. While the rest of the residence boasts a soft palette of warm whites and earth tones, the dining room stands out for its bold composition inspired by nature. Anchored by an asymmetrical bronze oak branch chandelier, the room features stunning wall art by American artist Charles Gaines and molded oak chairs that echo the theme with their natural grain pattern reminiscent of tree trunks.


According to Marie Turner Carson of M. Elle Design, the residence serves as a timeless oasis for the family, exuding an inviting and livable atmosphere. As she shared with Architectural Digest magazine, guests are impressed upon entering, yet the space remains comfortable and approachable, allowing everyone to feel at ease.


The success of the design lies in understanding the power of the right accessories in the right places. Thoughtfully chosen accents activate the space and infuse it with dynamism, while still prioritizing comfort and functionality. It`s the meticulous attention to detail that achieves the perfect balance, creating a truly harmonious environment.


Designed by M. Elle Design

Credit Architectural Digest 

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