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Mayfair Home Feat. Art deco and Mid-century Accents

A beautiful London home designed by studio Child that mixes mid-century modern furniture with a layout that pays homage to the home of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. If you want to know more, continue reading this article:


The Studio Child designed this interior to be a space for dining, entertaining and festivities. That’s why it features a spacious lounge that was inspired by the grand salon at Yves Saint Laurent home in Paris. And just as the designer displayed his artwork in his residence, the Mayfair house showcases furniture conceived by iconic mid-century modern designers.


In an interview with Dezeen, studio Child`s designers, Che Huang and Alexy Kos, state that all the work done had the client`s participation and collaboration, so that the space could reflect their personality and interests that encompass art, design, literature, and travel. As well as the salon at the house of Yves Saint Laurent, which has an eclectic combination of design objects and art pieces from different eras and parts of the world, but which together reflect a highly personal and authentic curatorship.

According to child studio, this project represents an authentic design language, balancing art deco references with the modernism of the 1960s and 1970s (Deezen, 2023).

That`s why the entire space was filled with vintage furniture, a touch of fun and daring through lighting and decoration accessories. In addition to the various bespoke furniture designed by studio child itself, as a way to unify the interior and accommodate all functional requirements.


The lounge also contains a fully functional half-moon plaster fireplace created by the studio, with a decorative shape to match two ornate urns and a pair of art deco floor lamps. Still about the fireplace, the designers claim that placing the fireplace in the room brings a sense of scale and permanence to the space.


Another aspect thought by the designers while designing the Mayfair house was to have the fireplace positioned below the skylight, to create soft nuances of the changes in sunlight throughout the day, bringing a cozy atmosphere to the environment.

In the dining area, dark wood shelves with functional and decorative items surround a circular wooden table with dining chairs by French architect Charlotte Perriand.


Also according to the designers to Dezeen, the room`s color palette was inspired by the modernist Villa Muller by Adolf Loos, which is now a Museum in Prague, Czechia. The combination of materials such as wood, marble and plaster bring a sophisticated, but at the same time warm and relaxed atmosphere to the environment.


The whole project was designed with the aim of being an interior design that could evolve over time. In other words, throughout the experience, the spaces can continue to be filled with new pieces of art and relics from the owners` travels.

Photography Felix Speller

Credit Dezeen


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