The best-known name in Brazilian modern architecture is Duistt inspiration for Oscar Collection


Oscar Niemeyer Inspired Furniture Collection by Duistt

Visionary, philosopher, and architect, Oscar Niemeyer Ribeiro Soares Filho was born on December 15th in Rio de Janeiro. Throughout his long life, he left an indelible mark with iconic works that garnered national and international acclaim. Despite attaining worldwide fame for his architectural projects, Oscar Niemeyer always emphasized solidarity as the paramount value, transcending any concrete curve or structure.

‘’If the straight line is the shortest path between two points, the curve is what makes the concrete seek infinity’’, Oscar Niemeyer.

What sets Oscar Niemeyer apart from other figures in Modernism is his remarkable ability to create buildings, homes, and complexes in a modern style while imbuing them with a distinct individual identity. His portfolio of over 600 projects worldwide captivates viewers with unexpected shapes, "infinite" curves, and a sense of balance that appears almost impossible at first glance.


Unlike industrial lines such as straight lines or perfect circles, Niemeyer`s signature curves are organic, fluid, and crafted by the movement of human hands. His modern architecture is characterized by its ability to pare down excess, complexity in processes, and underlying ideology. Each structure becomes a work of art in its own right, distinguished by Niemeyer`s unique forms and signatures.

Inspired by the legendary architect Oscar Niemeyer and his remarkable legacy, the designers at Duistt have conceived an upholstery seating collection that pays homage to his iconic curved forms and unique design perspective. Drawing inspiration from Niemeyer`s architectural marvels, this collection encapsulates the essence of his visionary style, offering furniture pieces that celebrate the beauty of organic shapes and fluid lines. Each item in the collection serves as a tribute to Niemeyer`s enduring influence on the world of design and architecture, inviting individuals to bring a touch of his timeless elegance into their own living spaces.


The collection that contains the Oscar sofa, Oscar modular sofa, Oscar Wood Sofa, Oscar chair and Oscar armchair is produced through the expertise and traditional techniques of Portuguese artisans who have the know-how that crosses generations and that the brand is keen to preserve and support.


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