The best-known name in Brazilian modern architecture is Duistt inspiration for Oscar Collection


Oscar Niemeyer Inspired Furniture Collection by Duistt

Visionary, philosopher and architect, Oscar Niemeyer Ribeiro Soares Filho was born on December 15th, in Rio de Janeiro. His long life was full of iconic works, with which he gained renown National and international. Despite having achieved worldwide fame for his projects, Oscar Niemeyer never stopped highlighting solidarity as the value that mattered above any concrete curve.

‘’If the straight line is the shortest path between two points, the curve is what makes the concrete seek infinity’’, Oscar Niemeyer.

The characteristic that differentiates and sets Oscar Niemeyer apart from other names in Modernism is his ability to create buildings, houses, and complexes in a modern style, but with an individual identity. Its more than 600 projects around the world that lay people with his unexpected shapes, the “infinite” curves and a balance that seems impossible at first glance.


Niemeyer`s lines are not industrial, like a straight line or a perfect circle. His beloved curves are organic, loose, made by the movement of human hands. Oscar Niemeyer modern architecture resembles impressive in its cutting of excesses, complex in processes and ideology. Being an art of its own, signed by its forms.

So inspired by this Master of Architecture and his memorable trajectory Duistt designers conceived an upholstery seating collection praising Oscar Niemeyer curved forms and unique design perspective.


The collection that contains the Oscar sofa, Oscar modular sofa, Oscar Wood Sofa, Oscar chair and Oscar armchair is produced through the expertise and traditional techniques of Portuguese artisans that have the know-how that crosses generations and that the brand is keen to preserve and support.