Projected Chu–Gooding Architecture Designed Ricky Strauss


Tour in a Los Angeles Home That Oozes Classic Modern Design Aligned With Contemporary Elegance

The 1951 Veneklasen House was originally designed by the architect Kenneth Lind. Then the modernist conductor Pierre Koenig later left his own mark on the structure, with most of his work confined to the central living room. A few years later, Josef Van der Kar – a fascinating architect also modernist but lesser known on the Los Angeles scene – designed an addition. Before Strauss purchased the property, the previous owner commissioned an extensive renovation, including the addition of a second level for a new master suite, by the Los Angeles-based Chu-Gooding Architects studio.


The house features an elegant modernist mood with a unique architectural design that was initially designed for a musician and has a rich creative and artistic history that was preserved by the executive when redecorating it. Located in a wooded canyon on the west side of the city, the surrounding landscape is one of the great attractions and was one of the main factors that led the executive to choose this residence. Ricky Strauss, in addition to this residence, already had experience in decorating other properties where he lived in Los Angeles. The series of homes he designed for himself during his decades-long stay in Los Angeles attest to both his tenacity as a collector and the versatile range of his good taste.

A house that is in the best version of itself, valuing the original design intent and improving the connection between the new interior and the beautiful existing landscape

Aiming to unite the various design movements of the architects who have touched on this residence, Strauss and the architect Annie Chu would like to make the house the best version of itself, valuing the original design intent and improving the connection between the new interior and the beautiful existing landscape.


In terms of architecture, there was a strategic reorganization of the floor plan of the property, designed by studio Chu–Gooding. Like the kitchen, which now has a joint space between the living room and the dining room. A glass wall overlooking the pool has also been added. On the second floor, an architecture in line with the original project was maintained, where earthy tones were applied to some of the rooms to generate contrast and allow the historic structure to remain legible in the general composition.

The design developed by Ricky Strauss was thought and executed in a smart and attractive way, with cosmetic improvements with modernist heritages and with a timeless curation with a global perspective. Throughout the house, stellar furniture from Brazilian masters such as Sergio Rodrigues and Jorge Zalszupin friendly blend with the work of European greats Osvaldo Borsani and Angelo Mangiarotti, as well as north American figures such as Edward Wormley, T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings and Jens Risom.

Credit Architectural Digest

Projected by Chu-Gooding Architecture 

Designed Ricky Strauss