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Tour in a Los Angeles Home That Oozes Classic Modern Design Aligned With Contemporary Elegance

Originally designed in 1951 by architect Kenneth Lind, the Veneklasen House underwent notable transformations by prominent modernist figures. Pierre Koenig left his mark, particularly in the central living room, while later, Josef Van der Kar contributed an addition to the structure. Prior to Ricky Strauss`s ownership, the property underwent an extensive renovation, including a second-level addition for a new master suite, overseen by the Los Angeles-based Chu-Gooding Architects studio.


Nestled in a wooded canyon on the west side of the city, the 1951 Veneklasen House boasts a distinctive modernist aesthetic tailored for a musician. Its architectural significance and rich creative history were carefully preserved by the executive during redecoration. The allure of the surrounding landscape served as a primary draw for Strauss, who already possessed experience in decorating properties in Los Angeles. Ricky Strauss`s discerning taste is evident not only in the Veneklasen House but also in the series of homes he curated for himself over his decades-long residency in Los Angeles. His collection attests to both his dedication as a collector and the breadth of his refined taste.

A house that is in the best version of itself, valuing the original design intent and improving the connection between the new interior and the beautiful existing landscape

With a vision to harmonize the diverse design influences of previous architects, Ricky Strauss and architect Annie Chu embarked on a mission to elevate the Veneklasen House to its fullest potential. Their goal was to honor the original design while enhancing the connection between the interior and the picturesque surrounding landscape.


Under the guidance of Chu-Gooding Studio, strategic architectural reorganization reshaped the property`s floor plan. Notable changes include a redesigned kitchen, now seamlessly integrated between the living room and dining area, and the addition of a glass wall overlooking the pool. Upstairs, the architectural integrity of the original project was preserved, with earthy tones introduced to certain rooms to accentuate contrast and maintain the historic structure`s prominence within the overall composition.

Ricky Strauss`s meticulous design approach is characterized by its intelligent and captivating execution, blending modernist influences with timeless curation from a global perspective. Throughout the residence, the fusion of iconic furniture pieces from Brazilian masters like Sergio Rodrigues and Jorge Zalszupin seamlessly harmonizes with the works of European luminaries such as Osvaldo Borsani and Angelo Mangiarotti, alongside notable North American figures like Edward Wormley, T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, and Jens Risom. This curated selection of furniture not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space but also reflects Strauss`s discerning taste and appreciation for design excellence from diverse cultural backgrounds.


Credit Architectural Digest

Projected by Chu-Gooding Architecture 

Designed Ricky Strauss

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