Designed by Wendy Labrum


Tour in an Elegant Kids-Friendly Chicago Residence

As a mother of four children herself, designer Wendy Labrum seamlessly integrates functionality and elegance into her projects, catering to clients who are also parents. Her design philosophy prioritizes ample storage options and the use of durable, easy-care textiles to maintain organization without compromising on style. In a residence nestled in Chicago`s Lincoln Park neighborhood, Labrum skillfully harmonized sophistication with child-friendly elements for a couple of young professionals with two four-year-old children. The entire project was meticulously tailored to accommodate the needs of a growing family, particularly in the living room, where a bespoke closet was crafted to store toys and a concealed television behind a double mirror.

The allure of the outdoor space was a key factor that drew the couple to the house, with a desire for an ample play area for their children. Labrum artfully infused the interior with authentic Victorian charm, complemented by contemporary touches, to create a welcoming and functional family home.

Throughout the project, designer Wendy Labrum carefully curated a blend of retained and replaced elements to achieve the desired aesthetic. While outdated drywall fireplaces were removed, original cabinets in the kitchen were preserved to maintain a balance between contemporary and period details befitting the home`s style. The project prominently features custom vintage marble, discovered during maintenance, adorning the living room fireplace, kitchen island, and sections of the wall. This fine material imbues both spaces with a sense of sophistication and timeless elegance. In her quest for the perfect fusion of old and new, Labrum incorporated pieces from intermediate eras, such as a custom-cut headboard for the master bedroom paired with a vintage bedside table. This deliberate juxtaposition creates a harmonious blend of styles throughout the residence.

In her quest to revive the fusion of Victorian and contemporary styles, designer Wendy Labrum strategically employed vibrant and bold colors throughout the project. According to Labrum, her clients were exceptionally receptive to her suggestions, allowing her to push the boundaries of their comfort zone. The result was highly satisfactory, as attested by the client: "I naturally gravitate towards neutrals, but my office is red. We have a red toilet. Our living room has some greens and oranges… It’s not what I would have originally chosen, but I think it served to warm the whole house and I’m really glad we did," says the owner. This project successfully combines elegance, functionality, and joy through a meticulous curation of periods, materials, textures, and a carefully chosen color palette. It stands as a testament to Labrum`s expertise in creating harmonious and inviting spaces.


Designed Wendy Labrum Credit Architectural Digest 

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