Designed by Wendy Labrum


Tour in an Elegant Kids-Friendly Chicago Residence

Mother of 4 children, the designer Wendy Labrum, coincidentally or not, has clients who are also parents and because of that, she is used to apply design tricks to make a home with children functional and organized without losing its elegance. Such as plenty of storage options and the use of resistant, durable and easy-care textiles.


In this residence located in Chicagos Lincoln Park neighborhood, the designer Wendy Labrum beautifully harmonized elegance with an environment designed for children, as her clients were a couple of young professionals with 2 children of 4 years old. Therefore, the entire project was designed to adapt the house in a kids-friendly way. Mainly the living room, where a bespoke closet was created to store toys and a television that is hidden behind a double mirror.


In fact, what motivated the couple to buy the house was the outdoor area, as they wanted to have space for the children to play. The interior, which still needed some tweaking, was modified by designer Wendy Labrum with a bit of authentic Victorian character mixed with some contemporaneity.

So all along the project, the designer filtered what could stay and what should be replaced. The drywall fireplaces, for example, are gone, but the cabinets in the kitchen stayed, fulfilling the goal of aligning cool, contemporary elements with period details more appropriate for the home style. 


It is possible to see in this project a significant presence of custom vintage marble, more precisely in the fireplace in the living room that was discovered during the maintance as well as in the kitchen island and in a part of the wall, which brought to both environments an air of sophistication and timeless elegance.


To make the perfect mix between old and new throughout the residence, Wendy Labrum brought pieces that refer to some intermediate eras, such as the custom cut headboard for the master bedroom combined with a vintage bedside table.

Another important factor that the designer felt was necessary to revive this mix between Victorian and contemporary style was the use of vibrant and bold colors throughout the project. According to the designer, to architectural digest magazine, the clients were super receptive to her suggestions and accepted her to step out of their comfort zone.


And according to the client`s testimonial the result was more than satisfactory, ``I naturally gravitate towards neutrals, but my office is red. We have a red toilet. Our living room has some greens and oranges… It’s not what I would have originally chosen, but I think it served to warm the whole house and I’m really glad we did`` says the owner.


Definitely a project that managed to bring elegance, functionality and joy through a mix of periods, materials, textures and an excellent curatorship combined with a very well chosen color palette.

Designed Wendy Labrum 

Credit Architectural Digest