American Architect John Lautner


Sheats Residence - An Iconic Mid-Century Home Truly Ahead of Its Time

This architectural masterpiece, which was designed in 1963 by John Lautner and remodelled by the current owner James Goldstein in 1989, is over Beverly Crest and perfectly reflects how far ahead the architect John Lautner was of his period. Despite the fact that this residence was completed over half a decade, it’s beautiful how the architect created a space that brought a dramatic and elegant improvement definitely needed to give an intrinsically contemporary feel to the project. 


Which let`s assume it wasn`t an easy task, given that the architect worked with a tight budget in 1970s, beginning not all at once, it was made piece by piece, area by area. And the result can be seen through several aspects that are considered modern today. Such as the vast concrete roof, the glass, frameless walls, angular corners and a beautiful brutalist design that emphasizes all the natural materials used.

Lautner said he aims to create "a living space that is completely flexible but never lacking in grace and sophistication."

Enemy of closed and dark interiors, the architect John Lautner optimized the space to the maximum to bring amplitude and clarity. With angular walls, built-in furniture and a large open area that makes it impossible the separation between the interior and exterior. Beyond the fact that even inside the residence, most of the divisions are made with concrete, a material commonly used in outdoor areas, and on the walls that separate the inside and outside, glass was used to bring transparency and unity between the two environments.


And it is also worth to mention that, still with this intention of uniting the interior with the exterior, the architect curated carpets that were designed to resemble stones. Furthermore the exterior area is filled with impeccable landscaping and an impressive view of the Beverly Crest neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

The architect`s love for natural materials has references from the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who was one of his teachers. It is possible to see that the architect also works with diverse influences of technologies and the pre-space age optimism of the late 1950s and early 60s. Therefore, this recipe when we talk about John Lautner works is infallible as all his projects are wonderful.


Designed John Lautner

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