American Architect John Lautner


Sheats Residence - An Iconic Mid-Century Home Ahead of Its Time

The Sheats Residence, an architectural marvel envisioned by John Lautner in 1963 and later renovated by current owner James Goldstein in 1989, stands majestically atop Beverly Crest, epitomizing the visionary genius of Lautner`s era. Despite its completion over half a century ago, the residence showcases Lautner`s foresight in creating a space that exudes dramatic elegance, seamlessly blending contemporary elements with timeless design.


The renovation, undertaken amidst budget constraints in the 1970s, unfolded gradually, evolving piece by piece, area by area. Yet, the result is a testament to Lautner`s ingenuity, evident in modern features revered today. From the expansive concrete roof to the frameless glass walls and angular corners, the residence boasts a striking brutalist design that highlights the inherent beauty of natural materials.

Lautner said he aims to create "a living space that is completely flexible but never lacking in grace and sophistication."

Architect John Lautner, known for his aversion to enclosed and dim spaces, masterfully optimizes every inch to amplify openness and luminosity. Angular walls, seamlessly integrated furniture, and an expansive open layout dissolve the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Utilizing concrete, typically an outdoor material, for interior divisions, Lautner enhances transparency with glass walls, fostering seamless integration between spaces.


To further harmonize interior and exterior environments, Lautner selects carpets resembling stones, enriching the natural ambiance. Outside, meticulous landscaping and panoramic vistas of the Beverly Crest neighborhood underscore the residence`s deep connection to its surroundings.

The architectural ethos of John Lautner, deeply rooted in a reverence for natural materials and influenced by his mentor Frank Lloyd Wright, embodies the pre-space age optimism of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Lautner adeptly integrates diverse technological influences into his designs, creating a harmonious blend of organic elements and forward-thinking innovation. This distinctive fusion characterizes Lautner`s work, resulting in a timeless aesthetic evident across all his projects.

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